Whilst the train line, the Lunatic Express was inching towards its final station on the shores of Lake Victoria at the beginning of the 20th Century, the Seth-Smith brothers, Martin and Donald, had made their first visit to the British East African Protectorate. So excited were they by the prospects of this nascent country that they managed to convince their father to let them emigrate there in 1904. Once settled in Kenya, they developed farms and estates, went surveying for the Government, helped build country clubs and fell in love with the savage beauty of the wilderness and the teeming game. They were true Kenyan pioneers.

Martin's Story

Martin has always had his feet firmly planted in two continents: Africa and Europe. His early upbringing was on a sprawling farm in the Rift Valley, on the edge of the Mau Forest. This was his refuge and with the help of his father's old Ndorobo tracker, he would spend hours studying the flora and the fauna. Following in the footsteps of generations of Seth-Smiths, he went to school in England - returning from the rigours of learning - to join his father on his many hunting safaris.

After a stint travelling around the world and working in England, Martin returned to home to Kenya in his early twenties to train as an apprentice guide under his father's tutelage.

After 30 years in the business, Martin is a respected safari guide with a fount of knowledge on the wildlife, the birds and the culture of East Africa. His enthusiasm and passion for the African bush is reflected in his safaris.